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The company

The company LES ANTONIN SARL, was founded in 2001 by Roland PIRONATO. LES ANTONIN SARL produces Mediterranean regional sides packaged in jars, serving as sauces for cooked dishes or can be eaten with toast of fresh or grilled bread.

LES ANTONIN SARL has a production laboratory in PERPIGNAN with a production capacity of 800 to 1000 jars a day. LES ANTONIN SARL bears its name in reference to the role of the emperor Antonin, born in Nimes, who played a major role in developing city from 138 to 168, making it one of the major city in the South of France at the time. Then the five following emperors sustained the development of Nimes. They are called “Les Antonin” which gave the name to the company.
LES ANTONIN SARL wishes to offer original recipes, combining:
Culinary Tradition
Ease of use
Creativity and joy of living
Chance and shares
Complementary products
Understanding of the aroma
Product compliance
Fine and subtle composition, respecting the products


The entrepreneur

Roland PIRONATO is an energetic spirit, creator and creative, who wishes to propose and constant culinary innovation and pleasure of sharing.

He started by developing recipes with eggplants. His entourage then encouraged him to pursue and to launch a company to commercialize his creations.

In 2001, Roland PIRONATO founded LES ANTONIN SARL, and starts at Nimes, as the Chamber of Trade offered him a stand to exhibit his eggplants recipes during the Fair “Du Printemps de l’Olivier”, an annual event very popular with the general public.
Roland PIRONATO does not transform the products he is a compositor: he combines products without altering their essence, to transmit to each senses the original characteristics of the products used. The vision of the Founder is that vegetables are as human beings, each has its own place in the ecosystem, with a specific age and personality.



LES ANTONIN enjoys an excellent reputation among its network of distributors and can rely on a word of mouth which ensures all of its outlets. No special sales prospecting activity is noted, as the products are selling “themselves” through their reputation.

The company owes its regional success to the excellent quality of its products, winning 7 times gold and silver medals at various regional competitions.

All products are original creations of the company, and the recipes are directly composed by Roland PIRONATO.
It is essential to underline the total absence of use of additives, dyes, and any chemical preservatives. The products are not ionized or from the GMO’s culture.

Sarl Les ANTONIN (since 2001)
98 Avenue du palais des expositions – 66000 Perpignan – France
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